The Conservation Project aims at planting groves of endangered species of Cupressus.
Some species are not endangered over their whole range, but several isolated populations are at risk because of the small number of trees on a limited surface.
Since the 10 March 2009 the Cupressus Conservation Project is a non-profit organization.
Recent fires affecting Cupressus populations.

SpeciesConservation Status
stephensonii> 130    critically endangered
dupreziana> 80critically endangered
atlantica> 130endangered
goveniana> 50endangered
abramsiana> 20endangered
pygmaea> 40endangered
duclouxiana> 10endangered
chengiana> 1endangered
forbesii> 30vulnerable - some populations: critically endangered
bakeri> 20vulnerable - some populations: endangered
macrocarpa> 30vulnerable
nevadensis> 40vulnerable
montana> 10vulnerable
lusitanica> 50lower risk
macnabiana> 30lower risk - some populations: vulnerable
arizonica> 20lower risk
funebris> 40lower risk
sargentii> 20lower risk - some populations: critically endangered
sempervirens> 10lower risk
nootkatensis> 1lower risk
glabra> 40not threatened